Old time baseball coach, and (right) a handy man on screen teaching the protagonist how to build a treehouse.ur paragraph here.


Top:  Our son Austin in an 1880's Western.

Left:  A long time ago I played Dick Clark in "What's Love Got To Do With It"....and even before that, a detective on General Hospital.

Rick the ranch manager in Jane The Virgin (top). Doing my best AirWolf as a helicopter pilot (left)

​Austin and I both played ball, and had premieres the same year.Type your paragraph here.

I've been an actor for over 35 years, and an acting coach for kids and athletes since 2007, and I really love this business. When I was young I worked on farms and in steel mills, then got two business degrees, from Notre Dame and the University of Denver. I then went into corporate life in the financial and automotive industries. When I decided to become an actor I heard folks say that entertainment is a rough business; there's so much rejection, But I already knew---there is rejection in every business.  None of them are completely based on merit. But the entertainment business, when you put your heart and soul into it, is very rewarding.  It's exciting. And it's fulfilling.  So tell your story.  I will help.

Whether you are  young actor or an adult athlete just getting into the business, you will be guided with patience and  encouragement to act naturally and honestly, and encouraged be creative, take risks, and stretch your comfort zones.  We also emphasize how important it is to enjoy the work, the audition process, and the on-set acting .  Our students will not only take their acting skills to the next level, but the confidence and presence gained will carry over to school and social activities.  Many former students are now working actors in film and television...shows like Wednesday, The Santa Clauses, Criminal Minds, The Naughty Nine, Winning Time, Never Have I Ever, Quantum Leap, The Orville and many others.  

(ps.... I don't post pictures of my private students for many reasons. Sorry. But here's some pictures of mine. :-)