Bo Kane   

    Audition Coach for Athletes, Kids, & Teens

Our son in an 1880's Western.

At the premiere of Remember Me, where I played Ed Sullivan (left) and as Rick the ranch manager in Jane The Virgin (top).

Above, with Rob Lowe on 911 Lone Star, and playing a helicopter pilot (below left.)

Whether you are a young actor or an adult athlete just getting into the business, you will be guided with patience and  encouragement to act naturally and honestly, and encouraged be creative, take risks, and stretch your comfort zones.  We also emphasize how important it is to enjoy the work, the audition process, and the on-set acting .  Our students will not only take their acting skills to the next level, but the confidence and presence gained will carry over to school and social activities.  Many former students are now working actors in film and television...shows like Wednesday, The Santa Clauses, Criminal Minds, The Naughty Nine (upcoming), Winning Time, Never Have I Ever, The Orville and many others.


Who is Bo Kane?    I am a guy who's worked both sides of the camera --- I ran casting sessions for over 20 years (countless kids' auditions with over 100 directors), and am an actor with 24 SAG vested years.   Lately I've had roles in 911 Lone Star, Just Roll With It, The Kill Floor, Tacoma FD, Jane the Virgin, NCIS, The Orville, How To Get Away With Murder, Colony, Brooklyn 99, and worked with Terry Bradshaw in a Pfizer ad.  I've coached baseball, football, and Special Olympic Equestrian (for 16 years) and have a wife and two kids.  My kids are in the business too, so I can relate as a showbiz parent.    My degrees are from the University of Notre Dame and University of Denver.  My imdb page (with my current reel) is:

Do you do private lessons?   Yes, in fact that's all we do. We did in-studio classes for 14 years, but now it's Facetime, Zoom or in-person.  We want you to be in character and as ready as you can be for your opportunity.   Somewhere between $50 and $75 for the audition.