Bo Kane   

Acting Classes for Kids and Teens

How much is the class?  A four-week session is only $150**.  Currently classes are at 11 a.m. for 6 to 11 yrs. old and 12:45 to 2:15 for teens

Who is Bo Kane?    I am a guy who's worked both sides of the camera --- I ran casting sessions for over 20 years (countless kids' auditions with over 100 directors), and am an actor with 23 SAG vested years.   So far in 2016 I've had roles in How To Get Away With Murder, Colony, Brooklyn 99, and am the helicopter pilot in the Farmers Insurance ads.  I also coach baseball, football, have a wife and two kids and a degree from the University of Notre Dame.

If my child has a big audition coming up, can he practice in class?  Sure, just bring in the material and we'll get them ready.  That's what class is for.  Even better, send it to me the day before and I'll have a chance to review it.

Do you do private lessons?   Yes.  If your audition is in the middle of the week and can't be rehearsed in class, we will work on it one-on-one.  We want you to be in character and as ready as you can be for your opportunity.   $75 for the hour.

If it's on-camera and taught by veterans and sometimes features casting directors and industry professionals, why is it so cheap?
   Because we have kids too, and we know how expensive it can all become.   And hey, we're not cheap; we're the highest quality class that also happens to be inexpensive.   :-)  

What if we have to miss a class?  Can we make it up?   Yes.  We understand that things come up.  We would rather your kid be at the birthday party than sitting in our class WISHING he or she were at the birthday party.  You have 6 weeks to make the 4 classes.

What's your audit policy?  You are welcome to come in an watch the class to see if it's right for you.  That's free.  If you want your kid to participate on the stage, you are welcome to just pay for the one class, then talk it over on the way home.  If you're pretty sure this is the one for you, go ahead and sign up for the 4-week session.           ps....(Checks or cash are good; haven't gotten around to credit cards yet)

** it's $125 for the 5-year olds

Young actors are guided with patience and  encouragement to act naturally and honestly with character development, scene study, and commercial copy.  We encourage them to be creative, take risks, and stretch their comfort zones.  And they have fun!  We emphasize how important it is to enjoy the work, the audition process, and the on-set acting .  Our students will not only take their acting skills to the next level, but the confidence and presence gained will carry over to school and social activities.