Bo Kane

Acting Classes for Kids and Teens

"Bo Kane's classes for kids are the best in LA, and we've been to several.  They care about each student and bring in guests from all parts of the business."   --Tiffany, Madison's mom

"I highly recommend  Bo Kane's workshop for any young talent looking to have a career in the entertainment business..."                                         -- Jeremy Apody, Abrams Artists Agency

"Our daughter has blossomed in this class, and has so much fun learning and doing  what she loves to do.   And she's had success ever since with commercials, theater and a guest starring role at Nickelodeon.   They care so much for the young actors ... it feels like we are coming to see family when we're there."                 Mindy, Tess' mom

Sunday Classes

Bo Kane has taught kids' acting classes and private instruction for over 10 years, and directed casting sessions for over 20 years (with over 100 different directors).  He has also acted in many tv shows, films and commercials (Brooklyn 99, How To Get Away With Murder, Criminal MInds, Colony, Dexter, Castle ...) and is the author of "Acting Scenes and Monologues for Kids", and "Acting Scenes and Monologues for Young Teens".  He and his wife have two kids, both working actors . 

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In the pictures to the right you'll see guest casting directors and sessions runners (our guests) as well as Emmy-winning director Mary Lou Belli.

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Bo Kane On-Camera Acting Class

On-Camera Theatrical & Commercial 

Kids and Teens have fun working on scene study and character development in-studio, while the parents view on a monitor next door.  This is our 11th year of helping young actors find success.

Next guest---comic actor Gregg Binkley!!  Big thanks to our recent guests Cambria Hankin, Lisa Pantone and Michael Sanford ... very happy that they were able to come in and give our kids direction and advice.    And .... big CONGRATULATIONS to Trevor, who won Best Teen Recurring Actor for his role in Fresh Off The Boat (see tweet below).  And to Ruben, Jordan and Austin for their cartoons, Tyler for his guest spot, Mylo for his series "The Legendary Dudas", to Kaden and Nick for their commercials, Aidan and Patrick for their films, Hannah for her Ford commercial, to Echo for her McDonald's commercial, to Jordyn and Megan for their cartoons,  Makena for "Teens React", Sara for her voice-over, and Austin for his big role in the Netflix series "Godless" and many other students booking jobs and having fun.